Who are we?

Qualified physiotherapist, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and powerlifting coach Roneill Prasad founded RRP Physiotherapy in 2019.

Ron, who has been working with the trusted North West Physio team since 2016 , branched out to open his own clinic to offer his services to south Brisbane residents.

However, he has recently returned to a full-time role at North West Physiotherapy Everton Park, where he continues to put significant emphasis on providing exceptional levels of customer service and healthcare to his clients.

Ron has an extensive background in sport and exercise, and has completed additional study in these areas to ensure you receive the most up-to-date assessment and treatment modalities.

Over the years, Ron has worked many individuals to reach their health and fitness goals, or improve their function and quality of life, including athletes from the following teams:

  • Mitchelton FC
  • Norths Rugby
  • Wizards Basketball
  • Souths United FC, and
  • Shooting and Track Cycling athletes at the XXI Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
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Why Choose Us

Specialist Knowledge

We have the certifications and qualifications, but also the specialist sports knowledge to help you perform at the top of your game and overcome injuries safely and swiftly.

We don’t treat you like a number

We’re 100% client focused and our quality of care is unrivalled. Being a small clinic, we’re nimble and love providing advice and treatment plans human-to-human.

We’re sports & fitness obsessed too!

We get you. We’re not your average physio or health care practitioners. Health, fitness and you being able to compete at your peak is our #1 goal.

Fast-track your fitness goals

Recovering from injury doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your training. While other physios may encourage you to cease training, we’ll work with you to adapt your regime and get you back fighting fit.

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