Blog Rest Day Nutrition

Rest Day Nutrition

Fuelling your body with the right food is vital for performance, but how important is rest day nutrition?   In this blog, RRP Physiotherapy’s qualified dietitian, answers this question and discusses the kinds of food most people typically need for nourishment, and to repair muscles, on days in between training when they’re less active.   Keep reading to find…

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Blog DVA Physiotherapy

DVA Physiotherapy

RRP Physiotherapy, based on Brisbane’s southside, is proud to be a registered DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs) Physiotherapy and Dietetic service provider. This means that if you hold a Veteran Gold Card or a Veteran White Card (and your treatment is for an accepted service-related condition) – the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will cover the…

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Blog strength training for rehabilitation

Strength Training for Flexibility

Have you ever considered strength training for flexibility?  In this latest blog the team at RRP Physiotherapy discuss how, according to a new review, simple strength training is just as effective as static stretching for improving range of motion in all areas!  As further research emerges, there is building evidence that resistance (also known as strength) training is one of…

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